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    • 19 Dec 2022
    • 31 Dec 2023
    • LASAP Project Membership Dues
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    This is a link to pay your  January 1 to December 31, 2023 Louisiana Association of Student Assistantship Memberships (LASAP).  Your LASAP Project Membership covers a 1 year period.  Membership in LASAP grants your TRIO staff the opportunity to apply for scholarships on behalf of TRIO students and provides access to training, professional development, and leadership opportunities.

    • 30 May 2023
    • 30 Jun 2023
    • virtual

    The Louisiana Association of Student Assistance Programs committee announces the 2023 LASAP Pre-collegiate Scholarship.  


    To give some financial support to LASAP students who embrace postsecondary education.  

    To honor LASAP students who demonstrate leadership potential and commitment at school and in their communities.

    Eligibility criteria for scholarship:

    • The applicant must meet all of the following to be considered for any of the scholarships:
    • Be a current TRIO participant with a minimum of 1 year of TRIO participation.
    • 2023 graduate from high school with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or received a GED/HISET certificate during the academic year 2022/2023. 
    • Be an enrolled college student (enrollment verification required in Fall semester of the award year)
    • Be nominated by a LASAP paid active member (LASAP membership will be verified)
    • One letter of recommendation from a paid active LASAP member

    Applicants materials must demonstrate:

    • Leadership Skills
    • Potential for Continued Success
    • Extracurricular Activities/Community Involvement

    LASAP paid members are eligible to nominate students for a pre-collegiate scholarship.

    Paid LASAP members are also eligible to become readers for the scholarship competition. 

    Once the winners are selected, an enrollment verification letter from the university and the LASAP Scholarship Non-Travel Voucher 2023 need to be submitted to the Treasurer, Dr. Shrylin M. Davis by email

Past events

03 Apr 2023 Meditation & Painting with a Mindfulness Twist
03 Apr 2023 LASAP's CPR Training with the American Heart Association
03 Apr 2023 LASAP 51st Annual Conference: Exceeding the Vision, Re-Imagining the Possibilities, and Shaping the Future - Together
02 Apr 2023 Sponsors/Exhibitors/AD 51st Conference
24 Jan 2023 Self-care: A Vehicle to Support Mental Wellness
14 Dec 2022 LASAP Professional Development
27 Sep 2022 Ways to Prevent Burnout-Professional Development
26 Aug 2022 LASAP 2022 Student Leadership Retreat
03 Apr 2022 Council for Opportunity in Education - LASAP Pre-conference
03 Apr 2022 Celebrating 50 Years of LASAP: Making Every Connection Matter
03 Apr 2022 Sponsors/Exhibitors/AD 50th Conference
05 Mar 2022 January 1 - December 31, 2022 LASAP Project Membership
27 Jul 2021 LASAP 49th Virtual Fall Mini Conference
27 Jul 2021 49th Fall Virtual Conference Advertisement
30 Apr 2021 LASAP 2021 Student Leadership Retreat
08 Mar 2021 LASAP 20-21 Annual Conference - ABC's of TRIO: Advocate, Build, Connect-
05 Aug 2020 Navigating Through Our New Normal
04 Aug 2020 Becoming A Certified Mentor
06 Mar 2020 January 1 - December 31, 2021 LASAP Project Membership
01 Jan 2020 Sponsors/Exhibitors/AD
05 Apr 2019 LASAP 2019 Student Leadership Retreat
11 Mar 2019 LASAP 47th Annual Conference: Rocketing to New Dimensions
16 Apr 2018 LASAP 46th Annual Conference: Advocating, Empowering and Transforming Education in TRIO
15 Apr 2018 LASAP 2018 Pre-Conference
15 Apr 2018 LASAP Conference Ads & Exhibitors
02 Mar 2018 LASAP 2018 Student Leadership Retreat
24 Feb 2018 TRIO DAY 2018
01 May 2017 2017-2018 LASAP Project Membership
28 Apr 2017 2017 Student Leadership Retreat
27 Mar 2017 45th Annual LASAP Conference: LASAP 2017: Developing the Educational Diaspora through Collaboration, Cultivation, and Creativity
29 Feb 2016 44th Annual Conference: Reform Act of 2016: Acting Boldly to Sustain and Propel TRIO
27 Feb 2016 TRIO DAY 2016
02 Mar 2015 43rd Annual Conference: Pipelines, Pathways, and Partnerships for Post-Secondary Access and Success

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